About The Company

We work hard to get the job done for you so that you have the time, energy, and serenity to focus on your own life. We want you to get Great, Fast, Cheap Websites too!

     In 1999, the world was in the midst of experiencing something that only occurs once in a lifetime. The internet was at the cusp of massive adoption. Homes were following one after another with purchasing their first viable home computer. With that, the explosion of websites flourished from continent to continent. Those that realized the importance of these events also knew that there would only be a certain amount of perfect domain names. Those that had the means were buying up every simple, short, one word names that they could. For these were one of a kind and supply and demand dictates the value of which. 

The first domain ever registered was Symbolics.com on March, 15th 1985 well before the masses even knew what a domain was. In that short time between 1985 and 1999 the entire world of technology changed completely. Business.com sold for 7.5 million in 1999 and then again in 2007 for nearly 350 million- making it the most expensive domain ever sold. Some may say the days of finding those great domain names are in the past. Some may say it is ridiculous to think that there are any left. We at DomainsZenith.com believe that as the times and trends change, so does the need and desire for new domain names that nobody has yet touched. They are there. The times are changing. Who will be the ones that discover them first? Who will be the ones that realize their importance? We sure hope you find the perfect one for yourself or your business. We sure hope you ride that wave to your DomainsZenith!

DomainsZenith was born out of the idea that we could do premium domain and website package deals for those looking to start a new business. Very quickly we realized that many people are in need of a way to get cheap websites with a professional build. So, we crunched the numbers to offer the lowest priced options that we could possibly do while still being able to make a living. 

With over two decades of tech and computer experience, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands. We know that getting started with a new website can be a puzzling situation. That’s why we aim to simplify everything so that you can feel like an expert from the beginning about the entire process. 

Small to medium sized businesses and hobbyists are those that we aim to serve. With the low prices and top notch service we know that you will be completely satisfied. We hope that you decide to call or contact us so that you can truly feel confident about getting your website built.