June 25, 2021

Cheap Website Design...Really?

Is there a difference between a cheap and an affordable website? What’s going on today with all of these “cheap” websites?

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If you have recently been searching for a place to get a new website built you may have come across many sites stating their website designs as “cheap”. Depending on who you are and possibly how you were raised, the word “cheap” could have multiple meanings. So, what is going on with all of these businesses and should you feel confident in buying a website from one of them? 

If you are like me and probably like most people out there- we love a great deal. Over paying for a product or service is something that we always want to avoid. In many business transactions you do get what you pay for. The more expensive something is usually translates into a higher quality item. If you take a look at the timeline and trends of products you will see that over time prices usually drop while the quality remains the same and many times even gets better. 

I remember walking into a Best Buy in 2013 to take a look at the new 4K TV’s. The quality was mind blowing and even made me feel a little uneasy. It was almost like 3D compared to the old box tv that I was using at the time. The price though, oh boy the price! The cheapest was like $2500! That was for a 55 inch. They even got more expensive depending on the brand and size. Fast forward to 2021 and things are much different. I just recently bought a 55 inch 4K TV for somewhere in the neighborhood of $200. Quite a difference in 8 years. Has the quality suffered because of the price drop? Would you call these new prices “cheap”? I would call them cheap and I’m not talking about the quality either.

My friends parents back in the early 2010’s were one of the first people I knew to own a Flat Screen TV. I went over to hang out one day and it was just sitting on the ground unplugged. I said “wow, look at that thing” and “why aren’t you using it?”. My friend said that it didn’t work. His parents spent thousands of dollars for a new high tech tv that broke way too soon. So, the tv was very expensive, but was the tv also “cheap”? I would say so! It was cheaply made even though they paid a small fortune for it. When it comes to cheap website designs we can make the same kind of comparisons.

The ease of use and cost of building a quality website has dropped considerably in recent years. This is giving many people and businesses the opportunity to build “cheap” websites for you. No longer do you have to know coding or difficult computer language to produce very nice websites.

Are they poorly made? They don’t have to be but you do want to do your due diligence before you buy from someone. Even though websites have gotten easier to build, it still doesn’t mean that it is a simple process for most people. It is also very time consuming to sit there and to put one together. Depending on who builds the site for you and how much time and effort they put in, it could be a nice website or a crappy one. The style, look, and feel can change dependent on the actual designer doing the work for you too. 

So, just ask a lot of questions and do some needed research, but getting a website today shouldn’t be costing you an arm and a leg. Check out the businesses website and give them a call. Talk over your needs and go get your Cheap Website Design. Don’t be scared. You’ll save a lot of money and get a great website.