June 19th, 2021

How To Advertise Your Website

Check in on your competition

It’s important to not get upset if you have competition that is doing better than you. Instead, let that fuel you and spend some time to educate yourself on what it is that they may be doing different than you. Look over their website for key details like keywords, layout, pages, and anything else that might be a good lead for you to follow.

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Word of mouth and networking

The old tried and true method of gaining more business can also translate to your website traffic. When you talk with your family, friends, store clerk, uber driver, stranger, bartender, and anyone else that you strike up a conversation with- it never hurts to talk about your website and business. If you have business cards or stickers then leave them to create a trail for people to connect with your site. Maybe the person you are speaking with doesn’t need your service, but they might know someone who does. *And don’t forget when the time is right- create merch with your website name and logo. Shirts, hats, mugs, pens, and other items can go a long way to get your name out there.

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Seo and other tools

Probably the top way and possibly the most confusing for a lot of people- SEO. This will get your website higher in the searches to be found easier. The basics of SEO should be done with every website. Install a good SEO plug-in like Yoast and learn how to utilize it. Advanced SEO can get very complicated and time consuming, so you may want to hire someone if you feel you need more help. Use tools like SEO Check, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and any others you would like to research and use.

Online advertising

The days of advertising in newspapers, magazines and other real world outlets may be in the past. Unless if you have the funds to advertise on billboards, commercials, and in every publication out there- it’s probably more reasonable to advertise online. Google Ads is one way you can get relatively cheap ad placements to drive traffic to your site. You can control the parameters so that you only spend what you want and can track all of the data in real time. Bing might be a good alternative to advertise if you are looking to branch out. Bing will be a slightly different demographic than google and might be helpful. Just beware of all of those others out there claiming to drive traffic to your site. Many will take your money and won’t produce real results.

Social Media and blog, comments

Everyone knows that social media is a powerful tool, but not everyone utilizes it properly to produce results. You should get connected to all of the major social media resources out there and don’t count out new social media that you don’t feel like using. If you don’t like posting to Tik Tok, maybe you have an energetic employee or friend that can do come fun Tik Tok videos to help advertise your site and business. Also remember to comment on other peoples relevant postings. You can leave a link to your website, but just remember that it should feel organic and not bot like. Hashtags can be your secret path to leading internet surfers to your site also. 

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Don't Forget!

Remember to keep up to date with the new upcoming trends, popular holidays, and big sales days. Staying in the know will allow you to advertise accordingly to target key audiences and capitalize on it. There really is a lot to know about advertising your website to increase traffic. This is just a great starter for anyone looking to get their website going into overdrive. Now, get out there and take some action!


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