July 7, 2021

Should You really use a website builder?

So you have a new business or hobby and have decided that it’s time to get a new website built. Where, how, and who will build it for you though? You don’t have too much tech experience but have heard that building a site by yourself is easy with a website builder. Plus, you heard that it’s more affordable that way. So, how do you decide? What should you know first? And should you really use a website builder?

If you are choosing a website based on the price then you might be looking to build one yourself. Building a website on your own is most likely the cheapest of your options. You should be considering many things other than just the price. Quality, time, and future updates/migrations are some of those things.

Even though it might be the cheapest route to build a site on your own- do you have the time to invest? Website builders are fairly simple to use, but not for everyone. Even if you find it simple, you will still need to spend the time to build it. If you are focused on your business or hobby you may not have the extra time or energy to sit there piecing a website together. 

If you decide that you do have the extra time to invest in building your own website then you should consider if it will be of a quality that is good enough for you. Website builders tend to look and feel very much the same to each other. There are limited templates to use which means that your site will most likely look a good bit like many other websites out there. 

After considering the amount of time and quality of your website you should look into whether or not a website builder will provide the features you need. Website builders are very limited as to what you can put on them. You may purchase a website builder and waste precious hours putting it together only to find that a feature you need isn’t available. Simple things like fonts, color schemes, headers, and page layouts might not even be what you need. Even if you feel it’s adequate now you might need to spend more money in the near future if you decide your website should be changed into something that isn’t available. 

One good thing about website builders is that you will be able to do updates by yourself. Keep in mind though, just like we spoke of before, you might end up trying to make an update that isn’t available with the restrictions of the builder. Something that some people don’t know is that you won’t be able to transfer or migrate your website from one company to another. So, if the prices go up or you no longer want to be with that company, well, too bad! You will be trapped there or will need to have a completely new site built. 

Getting a new website built is an important and exciting event for your new business or hobby. Although it may cost you less to build your own site, with a website builder there are many things to consider. Remember to research the time, quality, features, and things that are involved with it. Because although it may seem like the best way for you to get your website, you might end up not being happy with it. The money and time you spend to do your own cookie cutter website you could have a professional do it. Sometimes just saving the aggravation is worth every penny.