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June 6, 2021

How Should I Go About Finding Good Website Help Near Me?

Before I really got into tech and web building I was just like you. It seemed like every time I searched on the internet for website help near me it would lead me to a website that was shady, unprofessional, or in a country far, far away. How could I tell what company I should trust? How did I know what I should do to determine the difference between a good one from a bad one? 

As the internet has expanded and become accessible in most regions around the globe it has opened a market for everyone to share and capitalize on. This is great, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes down to business and seamless help- sometimes it just makes sense to keep it local. Timezones, language barriers, and exchange rates can all lead to a negative experience.

Lucky for me I had some close friends and connections that directed me with solid advise in those early days. For many people out there that don’t have someone to guide them in the right direction, here is the steps to finding GOOD website help near you. 

  1. It might sound silly, but stay vigilant of the location of the business or person that is going to help you. There’s many different ways to hire someone for  website help today. It’s not always clear of the city, state, or country they are based out of. Also, keep in mind that “near you” doesn’t have to mean down your street or even in your own city and state. But sometimes problems can arise from outsourcing the work to other regions of the world.
  2. Talk to the IT tech/web designer on the phone. If there isn’t a number to get in touch with them, you might want to keep looking. Write down questions you want to ask and gain a good sense of how you feel about the person or company.
  3. Does the IT tech/web designer have their own website you can go to and is it nice? A nice looking, professional website can be subjective. Use a keen eye to assess how you truly feel about it. If it looks bad or like a trashy infomercial, you should probably keep looking.
  4. Contracts aren’t in place only to protect the seller. They actually can help ensure that you have proof of purchase if you need it. Not every IT tech/web designer is going to be honest. I’ve heard many horror stories and the contract is your best bet to getting the product that you paid for. 

So, just remember to find out where they are located, talk to them on the phone, check out their company website, and make sure there is a contract. There’s more to it than just finding website help near you. You want to find someone that is honest, dependable, and of high quality. These steps can help ensure that you find GOOD website help near you.  

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